The House of Transmutational Healing, or “THoTH,” is a space to explore the influences of the planetary energies on individuals’ consciousness. This exploration is used as the creative fuel, in combination with the rich symbolism of astrology, to design a personal talisman. Using the indelible art of tattooing these talismans can be used a symbols of empowerment, representations of aspirational attributes, and seals to defend against evolutionary distraction.

The space of THoTH is not limited to a geographic location or to this particular octave of material vibration. THoTH can be created anywhere and everywhere, at any and all times by intentionally shifting consciousness to a state of openness and awareness of the present moment. Once this is achieved true personal transmutation can occur.

My approach to astrological interpretation has a practical and functional focus. I believe that many of us today are in a crisis of consciousness. In order for there to be Evolution of consciousness there needs to be a change. Awareness is truly the key to change. By becoming aware of patterns in your life that are hindering your evolution you can choose to change. That is the transmutational process that we can all perform once we become aware of the habitual patterns in our lives. awareness can bring healing to all areas in our lives that require some attention.

The natal chart interpretation will reveal these patterns and allow you to make practical use of this new found awareness. I look at the natal chart as your operating system through which all information is processed into individual experiences. Although we may have similar experiences in life we all have a particular way of viewing these experiences We all have very different ways of processing experiences since we are all unique complex individuals. The complexity of the natal chart reveals these lenses through which our life experiences is processed. Every planet, sign and house has an archetypal energy and every person has a different arrangement of the archetypal energies. This arrangement will be thoroughly explored through the reading. Practical examples of how to work within your natal chart will be given to make significant and positive changes in your life.

I also focus on periods of major transformation either in the past present or future. The significant periods are shown in planetary transits. As planets transit around the sun they make different aspects to each other. These aspects will be examined in relation to the natal chart to help the individual align with the energies and to move with them rather than against them. By aligning ourselves with the transiting energies we are able to make the most functional use of them.

By applying the knowledge that the astrological reading presents into everyday life you can begin to live in a more harmonious way with yourself and the world around you. My goal is bring more awareness into everyday life. By increasing awareness you can become an active participant in your own life and reach your full potential.

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Tattoos by John Sultana based on the natal chart readings

Labyrinth Mandala

Labyrinth mandala design based on clients natal Sun being in Gemini.

Hooded Figure

Hooded figure symbolizing powerful transformation. Client had a Venus-Pluto conjunction in the natal chart.


Mandala design based on the orbit of mercury. Client had Gemini rising in the natal chart.

Sun, Moon Rising

Design representing the sun, moon and rising aspects of clients natal chart.