What can I expect?

A conversation and exploration into the planetary patterns that were present at the time of your birth. We will review your natal chart and I will translate the symbolic language of astrology so you can understand it. No prior astrological knowledge is necessary.

What if I don't know my birth time?

The birth time is very important for a more detailed analysis of the chart. Check your birth certificate for a recorded time of birth and ask a parent. If unable to find or not recorded, check with your birth city hospital or county clerk for a "vaulted copy" of your birth certificate. 

Is astrology a           predictive tool? 

An astrological counseling session with me is an exploration into how you are experiencing and processing the situation in your life as well as triggers for your patterns rather than what actual events entail; there is no fortune-telling or concrete predictions.

How does astrology work?

“The basic principle of astrology is that the planets have a fundamental, cosmically based connection to specific archetypal forces or principles which influence human existence, and that the patterns formed by the planets in the heavens bear a meaningful correspondence to the patterns of human affairs on the Earth. In terms of individuals, the positions of the planets at the time and place of a person's birth are regarded as corresponding to the basic archetypal patterns of that person's life and character.” RICHARD TARNAS

Can I take notes or record it?

Yes, you may record your session in any way you like - with your mind, a pen, or your phone.

What if I am running a bit late?

Do your best to be on time. This is the time that we both agreed to have set aside to focus on your chart. Please contact me via email ASAP to let me know if you will be late so I can try to adjust my schedule accordingly. 

Where is your studio located?

My private studio, RITUAL, is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.